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u think u me
u think u me

having a big nose and big lips is such a good look im so glad to be part of tha winning team 




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I Luv Your Girl by The-Dream
Stephanie Roberts photographed by Albert Watson for Vogue Italia May ‘92: Cant Stop Wont Stop

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I just woke up from a nap and my p*ssy hurt science side please explain I’m serious

Anonymous: Nicole is not black. Nicole was adopted by Lionel Richie & his wife. Nicole's real father was a former bandmate of Richie's who abandoned her.

if feel like y’all LYIN!!! but she still looks like she could be black, she doesn’t look just white tbh esp not when she was younger




just got some color changing sprinkles yogurt I’m pretty excited

Did Olive Garden seriously reply to this…

real recognize real

ANDY WARHOLSkulls, 1976four screenprints in color
Skulls, 1976
four screenprints in color

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Anonymous: Doesnt paris & didnt nicole richie call blacks niggers? I remember seeing her on video saying it once

I thought the video was just Paris cause Nicole is black but hmmm